ONE OPPORTUNISTICALLY COOL SCRUB!! Candida is simply lovely as a scrub top pattern! It lends itself to a unique, delicate, lacy look--quite unlike the spooge that grows in your mouth and nether regions. Essentially Victorian doily meets diploid fungal overgrowth. Certainly a fun and fashionable scrub top. 

Candida Scrub

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  • Candida albicans: a diploid fungus found among us. Named derives from the Latin "candidus," meaning "white," and the Latin "albus," meaning "white" again. Research indicates that this means really, really white. Resides on the body wherever decaying organic matter moulders: mouth, genitals, skin. Problematic when defenses weaken and overgrowth takes place--AIDS can lead to systemic candidiasis. More commonly, aggressive antibiotic use can kill off the fungus' natural bacteria predators, leading to thrush, a white cottage-cheesy mess in the mouth. Yes, of course, girls get it down there, but we won't discuss this as we are a family-oriented desert research facility. Also, there's diaper rash, not an immunity issue--rather a very sweet environment to eat and be merry. Not so great on your butt, but cool on a scrub top.