Medical professionals are in agreement: a triumph! This strikingly handsome bacterium has a vaguely ethnic feel--kind of tribal batik meets respiratory paralysis. Complete your wardrobe today!

Botulism Scrub

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  • Clostridium botulinum: gram-positive rod bacterium. From Greek "kloster," meaning "spindle," and Latin "botulus," meaning "sausage"--in the early 1800s, cases of muscle weakness and respiratory failure were linked to the consumption of sausage and fish in Europe. An obligate anaerobe, likes an environment with less than 2% oxygen. Produces neurotoxins during sporulation. Particularly associated with improperly preserved or home-canned foods. Toxins cause paralysis that typically starts with the cranial nerves, then spreads towards the extremities, and if you are really unlucky, to the diaphragm, causing conditions hostile to existence. On the other hand, the toxin is used to paralyze your wrinkle muscles under the name of "Botox." Thus, this bacterium gives you the choice of either an ugly death or a pretty face. Our research suggests your relationship with this pathogen should begin and end with the purchase of our cool print scrub.