Patho Phizz is the brain child of Ben Parks and Marti Bein, a couple of artists with a vision:   cover the teeming masses with teeming pathogens!  Ben, who also works as a critical care nurse, traces his original inspiration back to his days in Microbiology 101--entranced by the beauty of bugs under the microscope. Surely these images could be used creatively.  Then, graduation from nursing school, and that fateful first shopping spree to buy scrubs for work.  Alas!  A dearth of unique, aesthetically pleasing, and conceptually interesting scrubs.  Sponge Bob?  Nay!  Khaki?  Ka-Ka!  Pansies and butterflies?  Please pass the bedpan!  In late 2009, Ben, Marti, and Ben's daughter Aurora started playing around with micrographs of pathogens and pathologies, enhacing colors and patterning them.  We made a couple of prototypes, and thought they had promise.  Ben wore an early E. coli to work one day, followed by a pulmonary embolism.  His co-workers were intrigued.  Sure, I'd buy that.  Okay, thought us:  Let the contagion begin!